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Laboratory Safety

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The following safety rules apply to all chemistry laboratories at all times:

1. Safety goggles must not be removed when in the laboratory. Every student is responsible for monitoring all other students’ goggle usage. Laboratory points will be deducted from everyone’s laboratory score for violations of this policy.

2. Long hair should be tied back. Shoes should have closed toes. Loose or floppy clothing should not be worn.

3. Food, drinks and smoking are prohibited in the laboratories.

4.Know the location of the following items:

        ‣Safety shower/eye wash station

        ‣Spill containment kits


        ‣Fire extinguishers

        ‣First aid kit

5. Unless specifically authorized, open flames are prohibited.

6. Immediately report any spills, accidents or injuries to the instructor.

7. Do not handle broken glass with your bare hand.  Use the fume hoods for allreactions or reagents with noxious or toxic fumes.

8. Wear appropriate safety gear for corrosive or toxic materials

9. Maintain a clean and neat work area at all times. Wash your hands frequently during the laboratory session and always after contacting reagents and before leaving .

10. Dispose of all wastes in the provided receptacles/containers.

11. That which is not authorized is prohibited.

12. Ask the instructor if in doubt about anything.

13. Women who are or become pregnant must either a) drop the course, or b) obtain a written statement from a doctor recommending that you be allowed to complete the course.