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Laboratory Policies

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The following policies and procedures are designed to help facilitate working in the lab with large numbers of people competing for limited space and resources.  (Some may be duplicated from the safety page).  

We simply list them here, but there are sound reasons behind each of them.  If you would like further explanation, please ask your lab instructor.

•Do not move or otherwise reposition the balances.

•Always clean the balance pans after use (brushes for this purpose are located near each balance).

•Do not rinse glassware under the spigots on the distilled water carboys.  Fill a wash bottle and use that for rinsing.

•After use, rinse glassware with distilled water and return it to the drawer or cabinet from which it came.  Do not leave glassware on the bench tops or on the drying pegs over the sinks.  It is OK to put wet glassware back in the drawers or cabinets.

•Do not use the cup sinks for filling or rinsing glassware or for discarding solutions.  Use the large sinks at the ends of the benches.

•Nothing goes down the drains except water or things which are specifically authorized.  Most waste should go in the designated waste containers.

•Immediately discard broken or chipped glassware into the boxes designated for broken glass.